UAE Then and Now - Past & Present

UAE Then and Now - Past & Present

One of the Middle East's wealthiest countries, the UAE has a strong economy in the region. The country is overflowing with skyscrapers, resorts, and beautiful Emirati culture. The United Arab Emirates we see today is a modern marvel. Its transformation has shocked many, as it emerged as a barren desert land surrounded by nomadic tribes. This blog delves into the astonishing journey of the UAE, traveling from its humble beginnings to the current modern landscape.

The Population of the UAE Then and Now

In the 1950s, the UAE population was limited. Nomadic tribes roamed the desert and moved from place to place while herding camels and making a living in the hot climate. Some settled communities existed around the coast that lived on fishing and pearl diving. Moreover, traditional homes existed in this era that were made of natural materials like palm fronds and mud.

The UAE’s demographics completely changed when oil was discovered. From petroleum exports, the influx of petrodollars introduced an economic boom. Businessmen, investors, and skilled workers were rushing to find opportunities in the UAE. The population began to grow as the immigration wave doubled. As of today, people from India, Pakistan, the UK, and the USA make up a significant portion of the UAE population.

The UAE's rapid population growth has had a profound impact. Modern cities have been built with advanced architecture to accommodate diverse people. The government has invested in providing opportunities that could diversify the economy. The UAE ensures a more sustainable future for its people, as its focus is on becoming strong in trade, finance, tourism, and technology.

Buildings in the UAE then and now 

The infrastructure of the UAE showcases significant change and a prominent contrast between the past and the present. Back in the old days, the UAE followed traditional Emirati culture, which included living in the desert's harsh climate. The buildings in the UAE were mud-brick homes that were low to the ground and decorated with palm fronds. With thick walls and small windows for insulation, UAE mud brick homes provide shelter from the desert and scorching heat.

Places of worship like the mosques were built to serve as community centers. Mosques were designed according to Islamic design principles and intricate geometric patterns. Marketplaces like the souks were places where trading, bargaining, and social interactions were common. These were like narrow alleyways where traders used to meet buyers and customers.

The commercial oil discovery in the UAE impacted the social, economic, and cultural lives of the Emirati people. Dubai emerged as the UAE's most populous city, with numerous infrastructure projects. The Burj Khalifa became the world's tallest building, and man-made tree-shaped islands called the Palm Jumeirah added more beauty to the ocean landscape. The famous waterfront Dubai Marina lines with numerous skyscrapers, eventually becoming a hotspot for tourist interaction.

In the future, the architectural landscape is going to be more sustainable. UAE's focus is on sustainable urban planning and awareness of environmental responsibility. So greener project developments, the installation of solar panels, and water conservation techniques are becoming priorities in the UAE's infrastructure landscape. 

Education in the UAE Now and Then

The education system in the UAE has significantly transformed due to oil discoveries. A knowledge-driven economy and a skilled workforce were the main things to consider. Schools, colleges, and universities were built to provide education in science, engineering, technology, mathematics, and more. Emphasis was given to STEM fields. National and international students were encouraged to apply. The UAE now has a population of educated people and a high literacy rate.

The country's education system is focusing on STEM fields while addressing main components like curriculum development and teacher training. Students who have essays to complete and have a lot on their shoulders might need personalized assistance from Best Essay Writing Services.

The education system in the UAE's past was primarily about religious teachings and practical skills to survive in the desert. The children were taught the Quran and Arabic script in mosques. Skill-based work included carpentry, weaving, and metalworking workshops.

UAE Culture, Then and Now

The UAE's culture is deeply integrated into its Bedouin roots. In Emirati society, family held the utmost importance, while respect for elders and showing loyalty to family members were also necessary. The religion of Islam then and now still plays a significant role in their daily lives.

Known for their hospitality Emirati people welcomed visitors by offering them food and shelter.

The people still follow traditional UAE clothing: men wear the kandura and women wear the abayas. However, no matter how modern the UAE has become, people don’t tend to forget their culture. The government embraces traditional Emirati culture by promoting it through museums, festivals, and community centers. Traditional marketplaces like the souks still serve customers. Arabic language, poetry, and art are important parts of Emirati culture.

The UAE's society respects all cultures and religions. The society of the UAE attracts visitors from all around the world. Be it infrastructure, art, or cuisine, The UAE excels at creating a healthy balance between incorporating innovation and culture into its society.

The UAE's past and present landscapes have major differences thanks to the increase in population, preservation of culture, improvement in infrastructure, and advancement in education. Students often get stuck when writing past and present essays, so take help from Best Essay Writing Services. The blend of modernity and culture is what makes the UAE unique. This nation continues to prosper in every field and excels in architecture and education. The UAE will continue to inspire and captivate the world. Writing essays can be overwhelming for students because of tough schedules, so they can send a “Do my assignment for me” message and get the best writing help. 

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