How to Write Good Thesis Statement

How to Write Good Thesis Statement

Thesis Statement Meaning

It's essential to develop your thesis statement writing skills. It should be learned by every student when writing a student thesis. The thesis statement writing portion of an essay or research paper always attracts the reader. The key concept or message of the essay should be explained in depth in the thesis statement.

It appears at the beginning of the text and gradually introduces the reader to the essay's major theme. The written work requires a thesis statement because it provides it with direction, focus, and purpose. Writing a thesis statement aims to provide the reader with a preview of the written work and an idea of what to expect from it. 

A good student thesis paper should be well-crafted and easy to read, because, at the student level, students are just trying to learn. So, in this essay, the key to writing a good statement is explained with the help of some points.

Key Points for Making A Good Thesis Statement

Your paper's thesis statement serves as its cornerstone, so write it well. Assignment help has provided key points to remember while crafting a strong thesis statement:

     Understanding the topic:

 Before writing a thesis statement, one should have a clear understanding of the topic, its target audience, and its purpose. By clearly evaluating the topic and its requirements, one can easily write a good thesis statement.

     Share your opinion:

The thesis statement should include the writer's point of view, argument, or analysis.

Rather than restating the facts, the writer should address their concerns with the subject matter and explain what they think about the topic.

     Allow room for debates

A good thesis statement should have room for debate. It should be different and unique, with having the capacity to invite discussion.

     Provide reasons

Provide reasons that support the argument that has just been presented in your thesis statement. This will allow the readers to easily comprehend the main point of the essay or paper.

     Add specificity:

Specify your main points and avoid using vague language, get straight to the point and argue, or analyze your desired points.

     Keep originality:

Always integrate original statements that support your existing argument or topic. Avoid adding generalized statements that have been discussed before.

     Keep the content relevant:

Make sure that your thesis statement is relevant and aligns with the topic. The purpose of writing a good thesis statement should not be complicated instead it should encompass questions related to the topic. Making the content relevant for the readers is also an essential goal when writing a thesis statement. It should answer the how, why, and when of the topic.


How to Craft an Analytical Thesis Statement?

An analytical thesis statement covers the summary of the main topic and provides a detailed analysis of the piece of writing. It begins with stating a specific declaration or interpretation by also defining the reasoning or evidence that supports the topic. With Thesis Help Online, here are some tips and techniques on how to write a good analytical thesis statement.

  1. Understand the topic of analysis:

Before writing an analytical thesis statement, carefully understand the essential components that are going to be analyzed in the essay. Analyzing different themes, texts, historical events, different subject matter, and scientific research is a part of writing a specific thesis statement.

  1. Develop a claim

An analytical thesis statement includes a claim that is made by the writer. It should be clear and positive towards your point of view. The claim should not be summarized or merely stated as an observable fact instead it should be argumentative and debatable. Readers have the right to agree or disagree with the topic of discussion. The claim should be supported by logical reasoning and reasonable evidence throughout your essay. 

  1. Explain its importance:

So, after making a claim, make readers understand the importance of your analytic thesis statement. Give readers clear indicators of why they should consider the statement significant. These indicators include explaining why the statement supports or contributes to the main point of the essay. In this section, the writer answers why this analysis is important, why does it matter? and what are its implications?


Consider an example of a thesis statement taken from a novel: 

“The Great Gatsby novel explains the disturbing nature and moral degradation that were overshadowed by the glitz and glamour of the 1920s, and also questions ideas of success and pleasure through themes like American Dream, class, and illusion vs reality”.

Let us analyze the above thesis statement: 

  1. The essential components discussed in this thesis statement are topics like the American dream, illusion versus reality, and the division of classes.
  2. A claim is made in the statement that in this novel, these themes are discussed in detail and how during the 1920s they were prevalent.
  3. The reasoning is given by explaining how the author in the novel analyses the conventional themes that were popular in the 1920s and discusses the ideas of success and pleasure.


When writing a student thesis, proper guidelines should be followed. These guidelines include the way of writing a good thesis statement that also advises writers to understand the topic and to pay specific attention to specificity, relevancy, and originality of the content.  Ensure that your thesis aligns with the topic and enables argumentative discussions with your readers. A good thesis statement is the building block of your paper, and it requires time, skills, and knowledge to master.

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